Gospel Music

Gospel Music is the lo-fi twee pop side project of Black Kids bassist Owen Holmes.

Diverging from the glossy, stylish Black Kids sound (as well as any expectations set by the project's name), Gospel Music offers charmingly ramshackle tunes in the vein of the Moldy Peaches, delivered with Holmes’ deadpan, Calvin Johnson-esque vocals. The project debuted in fall 2010 with the EP Duettes, a collection of rapid-fire songs written for two singers, featuring such guest vocalists as Darren Hayman (Hefner), Shirley Simms (Magnetic Fields), and Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls). Gospel Music followed up with its first full-length record, How to Get to Heaven from Jacksonville, FL, released the following fall on Kill Rock Stars. ~ Chrysta Cherrie, Rovi

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