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In Christ I am the best version of myself, and while it took sometime for this revelation to sink into my subconscious, living in this reality now is an amazing experience with the Holy Spirit by my side. When I was much younger, football and video games were my escape and I enjoyed my own company a lot. I used to feel small and insignificant in many aspects of my life. I often thought about how 'little' me 'lost' in a world full of amazing talent would get a chance to even thrive. This was a constant and recurring thought of mine. But God was right there for me. He kept reminding me to lean on Him and not on my own ability. The journey so far has been very interesting. Music crept into my life. It was everywhere around me. My dad would come home with his band and they’d rehearse frequently while I’d intrude and just watch. Even with music around me, It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I began singing in the choir at church. I was in the choir for a long time and also joined the choir at university. Being in Choirs helped improve my singing, confidence and drive for excellence tremendously but It was not until I graduated from University that I released my first single 'Chosen'. I have since released many other great singles and two EPs. It gives me great joy when people come to know and embrace the reality of who Christ has made us to be. Through my music, it is a personal desire of mine for more people to come to this profound revelation of who they are in Christ.