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Not afraid to go deep and not afraid to do the work, hip-hop artist, visual artist, speaker, and activist Brittney Chantele uses a combination of art and action to inspire people to create positive change. Brittney’s life as a queer, bi-racial, non-binary individual who grew up in a small town and served in the Army National Guard has given her a very personal understanding of injustice. From witnessing – and sometimes being subjected to – injustice such as racism, sexism, and sexual assault, homophobia, and xenophobia, these experiences created a turning point that gave her two options: say nothing, or do something. Dynamic and bold as ever, Brittney chose to do more than just something. Regardless of which medium expressed the truth the best, the Pittsburgh artivist got honest and up-front about the difficult topics: relationship issues, self love, and social justice. And with hundreds of spoken word and music performances, multiple visual art collections, ongoing collaboration with other Pittsburgh musicians, 2 EPs, and her second album recently released, it’s clear that Brittney is not afraid to lead people to have the hard conversations necessary to make a better world. Whether on stage, in a demonstration, or having a conversation with another Pittsburgh local, Brittney Chantele has dedicated her art, and her life, to creating a better world.