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In a fragmented world, White Monkey is gathering the pieces delivering a tight, high-powered punk rock with messages about hope, courage and inner direction. After several well received singles, live shows and Swedish Radio airplay, the band released their debut EP spring 2020. The Swedish punk rockers White Monkey, often compared to Green Day and Millencolin, delivers a melodic, high-powered punk rock and tight, resilient live performances. Since the start in 2017, the band has released several well received singles with airplay on the national Swedish Radio, performed live around the country and continuously released music on Spotify and YouTube. The band’s latest EP Still Monkeys, is telling the well told story about how man is destroying our planet. –

Our sound may be a bit dark but it's all about encouraging the listener to be more inner directed – having the courage to stand their ground and follow their hearts, says Charlie Ljungqvist, bass and vocals, White Monkey. All easier said than done so for those not ready to go deep, we’re just happy to entertain, help people forget their troubles for a while and deliver a good energy boost. White Monkey consists of members Charlie Ljungqvist (vocals, bass), Robert Karlsson (guitar, backups) and Joachim Gradin (drums).