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Since the first release of music CDs as a pioneer to create the healing music genre, MARTH’s heartwarming music has moved hundreds of thousands of people to tears in the world. The music has been played as theme songs and background music at TV, FM and radio stations in Japan as well. For the recordings of music albums which amount to more than 200 titles now, musicians from Tokyo, Hollywood, New York, Prague, Honolulu and so on participated on recordings, often shedding tears while playing music… See for more... I don't belong to anything within. I am nothing, I am nobody. I will belong nowhere forever. I am nothing but a public servant of the universe. ダニエル・コビアルカ他、ヒーリングアーティストのプロデューサーであり作曲家 "内側ではあらゆるものに属さず 何でもなく 誰でもなく あらゆる国・民族・宗教・政治・心理学・哲学にも属していない 私はあえて言うなら 永遠に森羅万象の一部にすぎない…"