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National Park formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1997. 
 The band's music has been described as having some similarities to The Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500 and Yo La Tengo "without sounding like anything else". On their last release they described themselves as occupying the space between the visceral and the whistleable producing a Velvets/Beat Happening inspired clatter of medieval-folk-drone pop. 
 The group was started by John Hogarty, Scott Walker, Simon Shaw and Michael McGaughrin. Playing live occasionally, the lineup has settled around Hogarty and Shaw joined by Eilidh Rogers and others. Other players have included Gerard Love, Jode Henderson and one-offs by Alasdair Roberts, Bill Wells, Sarah Martin, Katrina Mitchell and Ian Murray. 
 With Simon playing for Trembling Bells, John playing in The Pastels and Eilidh busy with her band, SACRED PAWS these days, they still intend to find time for some more National Park recordings. 
 We've played gigs with Future Pilot AKA, Appendix Out, International Airport, Jad Fair, Movietone, Bill Wells, Tenniscoats, The Pastels, Phantom Engineer, Belle & Sebastian, Music and Movement, Calvin Johnson and others. 
 Compilation of vinyl/EP/compilation tracks is coming in Late 2019/Early 2020!