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Ch'Lu is the new persona of classical guitarist, singer and actress, Camilla Mathias. Her ethereal harmonies, conscious lyrics and guitar arpeggiation are the foundation to the signature Cosmic Chanson meets Fairy Folktronica sound. Of Romanian/British parentage, work under Camilla Mathias has spanned thirteen languages, varying from performing live for BBC6 Music (with Chris Hawkins describing her as ‘a beautiful, captivating and delicious chanteuse’), providing guitar for the award-winning Unreported World TV series, composing and performing her songs in the new London stage adaptation of Lorca’s Blood Wedding, and having her Romanian-Language track Sunt Româncâ selected for charity album Mitra Music For Nepal, produced by Annie Hogan ( Marc Almond ). The last music video under Camilla Mathias was for her catchy Time That Is Mine track, now also the theme-music for film The Litter Mermaid, and her iconic Don't (Rebooted Mix) music video continues to win awards as well as feature in new British TV comedy series Batshit. Both music videos are on the Ch'Lu YouTube channel. The debut Entr'acte album came out originally under Diva de la Guitare, then Camilla Mathias and now the re-mastered version will is out under

Ch'Lu. More info: Don't miss the live "Campfire" streams where Ch'Lu connects and uplifts a global 250-strong crowd several times a week.