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Smirky synth-rock band Hello Kelly calls themselves "the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of pop-rock." Take one listen to their new single Sweet Nostalgia and you'll know why. Originally formed by frontman Francy Goudreault as a way to express himself in spite of a speech disability he’d had since childhood, the band rose to prominence in Ontario's post-emo rock scene circa 2004. The songwriting centered on nostalgia, authenticity, and sweet sugary hooks. The live shows fostered inclusion and FUN. The fans quickly began to identify as “Kelly” and in 2012, Goudreault was awarded the “Converting Awareness into Action” award by the Stuttering Foundation. Sadly, a screwy label contract screeched everything to a halt. One move to Nashville, two shelved albums, and three line-up changes later, the band died from sheer exhaustion in 2012. Drag. But Goudreault licked his wounds and moved back home to Canada, where new inspiration finally found him in 2019. Joined now by a fierce new lineup – drummer Brent Lively, bassist Cormac Elmes, and keyboardist Aidan Scott, Hello Kelly carries the same heart with a modernized, colourful sound and renewed hyper-focus. Cowabunga.