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“Writing songs is like a treasure hunt and well worth the journey.” -Anthony Retka Anthony Retka is a Detroit-born singer-songwriter. His name is synonymous with the lilting melodies that spill forth from his stripped down acoustic sound. As Detroit music critics have mentioned, a listener may find tribute nods to some of his standout favorites such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith and Paul Simon.

By no mistake, like Retka, these influential artists celebrate the simpler things in life. From this wellspring of inspiration, Retka has recorded four solo records alongside four full-length studio albums, a live double CD, and multiple EPs and Singles with his former band, Tone & Niche. “Anthony uses an immaculate blend of great songwriting, vocals, and guitar. He plays melodic numbers with full vocals and introspective lyrics, many of which are about love. Retka is a master of dynamics, moving between rich, strong heavy guitar bits and gentle, barely-there strumming. The diversity of his octaves is astounding; he conjures images of Radiohead one moment and Jeff Buckley the next.” -Springfed Artists