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Seasoned musicians and songwriters Dave Henriquez (Vocals, Guitar) Mike Odabashian

(Drums, Percussion) and Roger Colella (Bass, Vocals) have formed a musical entity that brings straight up hard rock & metal to the masses. That entity has made manifest 'Hand Of The Tribe'. 
 The musicians have garnered invaluable merits touring with bands such as Godsmack, Volbeat, Breaking Benjamin, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Sevendust to name a few. The culmination of their individual and collective experiences affords them the credibility and talent to deliver masterful songs, and content that is extremely competitive. Simply put, Hand Of The Tribe makes music that resonates, affects, actualizes and transcends. 
 Day after day, Youtube viewers share passionate responses like “this music is touching my soul” or “I feel like you are telling my story”. Across social media, comments left by fans often suggest a long awaited ‘homecoming' of sorts - for true hard rock loyalists who have found a deeply personal connection in the resonating themes of love, pain and truth evoked by the songs. 
 Like a puzzle in possession of all its pieces, Hand Of The Tribe has found both roots and wings. Everything they create - musically and visually - is ripe with consciousness and imagination while remaining deeply grounded in truth. Catchy riffs filled with raw emotion and powerful storytelling has been continually met with praise by the masses. 
 Onward the journey.