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Frontrunners of Chillout, Deep Forest fused traditional indigenous music with relaxed ambient beats. Their approach was best typified by their 1993 smash "Sweet Lullaby". Eric Mouquet continuing on Deep Forest moniker, collaborating often and sometimes focusing on the sounds of specific global regions to inspire new studio creations. The sixth proper album from the group, Evo Devo (conceptually based on the process of evolution) was released in 2016. Deep Forest, and their eponymous debut LP appeared in 1993. Propelled by the international hit "Sweet Lullaby," Deep Forest was a surprise success; Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez soon began work on a follow-up, Boheme, appeared in 1995; the third Deep Forest record, Comparsa, followed in 1998, with Live in Japan appearing a year later. In 2000 the duo recorded a soundtrack, Pacifique. Deep Forest returned in 2002 with their next proper studio album, Music.Detected_. Kusa No Ran in 2004. In 2005, Michel Sanchez left the band and Mouquet continued on with the Deep Forest name as well as collaborating with a wide range of artists including Josh Groban and jazz legend Joe Zawinul.

2008's Deep Brasil with Flávio Dell'Isola, 2013's Deep Africa, and 2014's Deep India with Rahul Sharma. Deep Forest Evo Devo, arrived in 2016, 2018 with worldbeat artist Gaudi , the hypnotic Epic Circuits. Deep Symphonic released in 2020 is a blend of Symphonic et electronic orchestrations of the most iconic Deep Forest tracks