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Hello and welcome , I am glad you joined me for a listen. I am Benny, I am from the beautiful distant land of Perth Western Australia. I found music at an early age, spinning the records from the Beach boys which I loved to sing. As I got older I learned I was going blind and music was my rock, my go to place like many before me. I found a love for RnB and country music with my first album the Concrete Countryman and went on a journey of soul blues in my 2nd album Love arrows. I am now pretty much totally blind with a bit of light perception and seeing shadows. It has been troubling but I keep going and feed my passion for music,

that lifts my spirits and hopefully the spirits of others. I managed to release an EP called Burdens which is about giving back that which isn’t yours, placing responsibility where it should be. I have a single due out New Years Eve called So Broken am will soon be releasing another EP in 2021 called Then & Now which is exciting and I hope it is something different for you to enjoy. Share your love for music and keep in touch 🎸🍻 follow me and share a track or two when new tunes drop👍 Benny xx