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Singer/songwriter Tiras Buck is punching you square in the quivering jib with his immediately accessible, pseudo-progressive, emotionally emphatic, modern-yet-surprisingly-under-compressed Art Rock that borrows, quite obviously, from the symphonic depths trolled, drawn and bottled in the golden age of musical excess, the 1970s -- but without all the excess! 
 Oh, and it's important to note that each song is kind of...potentially...a little bit like....a harmony-laden, melodic psychological breakdown. The performances ask a lot of Tiras so he, in turn, gives a lot. As in...sacrifices a lot. Things like sanity and sleep for example. 
 Moving right along.... 
 Proudly accepting comparisons to Yes, Sting, Rush, Radiohead and U2, we find Tiras Buck swiveling in the beginnings of his very own second half, struggling to excise the few remaining, yet aggressively tenacious moorings coursing with enough youthful disdain to potentially unmake his dream. Want to know what the struggle sounds like? Want to know what that sounds like in 3/4 (because 95% of his songs just happen to be in 3/4)? Yes? Good, because there's an album out there positively brimming with it.