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Blistering speed. Technical Riffs. Brain trauma inducing heaviness. Since their formation in 2015, metal band Harbinger have been building a solid reputation throughout the UK. The Londoners come together to bring a fresh new take on deathcore, tech metal, melodeath etc. Harbinger have thoroughly toured the UK and Europe within the past two years, supporting the likes of Loathe, Rings of Saturn, Heart Of A Coward, Monuments, The Faceless and Ingested. The band has also made appearances at several festivals throughout the UK and Europe- namely their impressive sets at Bloodstock 2019 and Tech Fest 2019. The currently unsigned quintet draw influence from a plethora of sources: Gojira, Decapitated, Malevolence and The Black Dahlia Murder to name a few. The band are known for bringing an energetic live show, and killer instrumental precision. Touted as ‘leading the next generation of tech metal wizards’ [Metal Hammer], Harbinger have made a grounding in the UK tech-metal scene, and are looking to branch wider into the more general ‘metal’ market. The music speaks for itself, and the direction the band are tending towards is hugely appealing to the mass market. With two EPs and a self-released album under their belts, Harbinger are ready to move positively towards their 2022 release.