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    Haggard Muggins
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    Caught Between Two Stools
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    6:41 Sapien
"You need to start a band with me!" solidified the beginnings of a line-up for Headshrinkers following singer, Garran Hickman bumping into lead guitarist James Knott down their local pub.
Affiliated by a shared music taste, a mutual determination to write great tunes and play live shows, the two had their sights aligned on recruiting a full band. After many writing sessions, they brought in bassist Xavier Al-Naqib, and later, drummer Scarlett Churchill to complete the line-up. Now with a new found sense of urgency and excitement, the newly formed band crafted a high-energy setlist and took to the stage.
Built on a vision of capturing modern life within their music, Headshrinkers infuse the vulnerability of veracious poetry, backed by confrontational punk riffs and 60's jangly guitars. Taking influence from the likes of Joy Division, Fontaines DC and The Blinders, they amalgamate these influences to create a whole new cacophony of sound. Their frantic, full-force live shows bombard the audience with Scarlett's pummelling drums and Xavier's pounding bass-lines, complimented by James' searing guitar and Garran's gritty vocal performance alongside his chaotic stage presence.
Photos - Rosie Mulhern


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