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Kjartan Abel is a Norwegian composer, soundscape designer and digital artist based in Fredrikstad. Best known for his warm, bright electronic dance tracks, Kjartan’s recent releases include the introspective and mesmerising ‘To the ocean’, followed by groovy mellow record, ‘You told me’ (2021). Creatively influenced by the likes of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, KOTO, Laserdance, and Røyksopp to name a few, Kjartan’s harmony-stacked melodic style stems from his childhood. As a toddler, he would listen to and create harmonies on his family piano, even though he couldn’t reach the keys. By the age of ten, he had started sitting for hours, making up simple melodies. Eventually his parents bought him a Casio MT400V keyboard. Within five years, he had a midi-setup and sound module attached to a PC. At age 16, Kjartan won a music contest with his original, self-made song, ‘The Rainforest’ (inspired by the girl next door, who he had a crush on). It is also around this time period Kjartan dipped his toes into sampling and tracker music on a 486 PC with a home soldered Covox Clone.