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Delorean is an alternative dance band from Barcelona, Spain, whose style is a mix of indie pop and electronic dance music, Balearic house in particular. Founded in 2000 in Zarautz, Basque Country, and based in Barcelona, the band comprises Ekhi Lopetegi (vocals, bass), Guillermo Astrain (guitar), Unai Lazcano (keyboards), and Igor Escudeo (drums). Delorean made their debut in 2004 with a full-length effort on the label's spotify:search:label%3A%22B-Core+Disc%22 , followed by the Metropolitan Death EP (2005) and the second full-length effort Into the Plateau (2006) on the same labels. Also around this time, founding guitarist Tomas Palomo was replaced by Astrain. In the meantime, the band began making waves with its remix work, beginning in 2008 with The Teenagers' "Love No". Delorean first became international indie darlings in 2009 with the release of the Ayrton Senna EP on the labels spotify:search:label%3A%22Mushroom+Pillow%22

in Spain and spotify:search:label%3A%22Fool+House%22