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The Dutch Producer and DJ Jengi has been steadily building a name for himself since he dropped his first single ‘Bruh. After the success of his first EP Colors, the 25 year old talent released several more EP’s, titled ‘Sprinkles’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Zombies’. Jengi has been performing many shows around the globe with a big fan base in South-Korea and Japan. His biggest release to date was an official remix of viral-hit Bazzi, Mine, with almost 9 million streams. His latest single ‘Get Down’ was released on The Magician’s Magic Tape 100 compilation. 
 Jan Berendsen, who is releasing music under the alias of Jengi, has been producing since he was in high school. His childhood dream was to become a professional skateboarder and video edittor, eventually he discovered the infinate possibilities of music production on his father’s computer. The Dutch artist draws his inspiration from several influences and genres, creating his own unique indie electronic productions. With his releases characteristic funky vocal cuts and nifty house beats, Jengi brings different catchy rhythms and harmonic sounds to the table every single time. 
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