Sean Deegan


  1. 1.
    Do You Fear The Darkness
  2. 2.
    Was I Wrong Now
  3. 3.
    Ease The Pain
  4. 4.
    It Only Took A Moment
  5. 5.
    The Poo Song (Xmas Mix)
I am a perfectly flawed individual on the wild road of life and the journey of self development. Learning, healing and growing using Clairaudience through the medium of music to guide me on my journey.
My best description of what I do is ‘spiritual punk’- honest music for the mind, body and soul. At times my work is brutally honest, it lays bare the fear, the pain, the frustration and the soul searching for the answers and the truth. Songs that speak the pain and sometimes struggle of the journey, yet offer hope, soothing and comfort in their validation of how it is. And songs that inspire, guide, give me hope and lead the way for me.
These songs are shared with the sincere hope that they may shine a light to those who are stifled by the darkness.
A special note to anyone reading this that has experienced a dysfunctional family and/or narcissistic abuse.....
I hear your pain, I see you, I validate you, I stand beside you, I offer comfort and hope. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. X


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