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After a 6 year hiatus Jap Jap is back with his exciting new full length album "Frozen Dreams". Drawing inspiration from his move to the other side of the world, to New Zealand from The Netherlands. Surrounded by remote, natural beauty, this new found serenity has contributed to the rewarding experience of his journey, with plenty of time for soul searching - an opportunity to reflect on the old, but with a fresh perspective. This rebirth and debut under the name Jasper Boer evolves from the dreamy and often melancholic ethos, taking a more uplifting and soulful, synth driven trajectory. Jasper's more mature sound is infused with danceable rhythms and energetic drum sections. His unique and fresh takes on modern electronic music easily blend catchy pop hooks with R&B spirit, whilst staying true to the sound many have come to admire. It is recognisable, full of familiar, layered synth flourishes and signature vocal harmonies. It is melodic and bright, but with new found optimism, moments of care-free spirit and euphoria.