Tony Manfredonia


  1. 1.
    The Ambassador
  2. 2.
    Rose Water
  3. 3.
    Credits - Feat. Nat Willow - Nat Willow
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    In Good and Bad Times
Based in Petoskey, MI, Tony is composer and orchestrator for video games and concert halls, as well as a songwriter and vocalist.
He provides a multi-layered and sensory experience through expressive, colorful orchestration and intricate melodies. He adds musical perspectives to stories, environments, and everything in between through massive orchestral productions, as well as intimate atmospheres.
Tony's music has been played worldwide, with performances and readings from renowned ensembles such as Apollo Chamber Players, the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra, the University of Cambridge Concert Band, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.
Living the life of a video game composer, Tony constructs sonic spaces and emotionally-driven tracks to enliven each game's world. Games he has scored include Kharon’s Crypt: Even Death May Die, The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, and Call of Saregnar. Bridging the gap between “game music” and “contemporary classical music,” he continually strives to have his soundtracks performed, drawing in new audiences to the world of classical music.
His first album as a songwriter and vocalist is "Rose Water," which chronicles the intense suffering his wife endured during the first four years of their marriage. From depression, to chronic illness, to the loss of her father to suicide, the album blends raw, poetic story-telling with Tony's expertise in indie, symphonic rock.


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