Karina Godwin

Karina Godwin is passionate about teaching others to Shine their Brilliance, because she’s seen that when you’re too busy to see how wonderful you are, it’s impossible to shine brightly enough to attract both the people and life you’ll love.
Instead you dance with fear, allowing struggle, sadness and suffering to be your companions. Karina takes you away from your fear, helps you to see who you really are, how to shine brightly and then use it to fly into the life you yearn for. She’s practical, with a husband, family of five and a business to run, she doesn’t waste time on anything that can’t fit into the demands of her busy days or priorities.
Karina has experienced a lot of trauma in her life, but rather than letting it defeat her, she uses it as inspiration to drive the creation of her many inspirational products and tools. Surviving an enormous, rare and aggressive tumour, with little on offer for a cure, she took to her hands, using the healing modality she created in 2002 and the wisdom she’d gained through her fifteen years as a Spiritual teacher to not only heal the energy sources of the tumour but the lifestyle and behaviours that had allowed it to grow.
Turning her life upside down, Karina gave up everything that was making her feel less than brilliant and, realised we all needed to change the way we were living.
Karina is an Author, Teacher and Speaker, founder of Flying Souls Institute of Healing and creator of Meliae Intuitive Healing. www.karinagodwin.com


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