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Violinist, producer and songwriter Alex Stolze has generated a well-deserved reputation, both as composer and collaborator, for his unique blending of different musical worlds. Shifting seamlessly between stark modern classical works, fiercely intelligent electronica and off-kilter indie pop, he manages to craft his own consistent sound throughout. Middle-Eastern scales create a beguiling tonal landscape, complex polyrhythms and unusual time signatures are turned into addictive, danceable beats, while analogue synthesisers, minimal piano and his bespoke 5-string violin combine to create a uniquely textured sound- world. 
 Already widely acclaimed for his work with electronica acts Bodi Bill and Unmap, and the experimental avantgarde trio Dictaphone, his emergence both as a solo artist and as head of new label Nonostar has opened up a range of new musical possibilities. Nonostar’s roster of underground artists, drawn from alternative pop, modern classical and minimal techno, are united by a shared uncompromising commitment to originality. The talents of art collective CargoCult provide the label with a distinctive visual style, consistently innovative in the merchandise, record sleeves and music videos they create. The buzz around Stolze and Nonostar is growing exponentially with each new release.