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Kidsongs music is renowned for its high quality production, garnering numerous Parent’s Choice Awards. The music was made famous by the Kidsongs Music Video Stories DVDs and by being included in The Kidsongs TV Show, seen for decades on PBS, The Disney Channel, Hulu and Netflix. The Kidsongs collection includes hundreds of children’s songs and dozens of albums covering the entire spectrum of children’s music; from classic nursery rhymes, songs to teach numbers and letters, songs about animals -a Kidsongs Specialty!!! - classic rock and a wide variety of dance and play along songs!

Performed by The Kidsongs Kids, an incredibly talented ensemble of real children, and assisted with top Hollywood vocal talent and professional singers, renowned studio musicians, all under the direction of Grammy award winning producer Michael Lloyd, Kidsongs is simply the best children’s music available today! Join in the sing along fun!!