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The Triplets SYlvia, VIcKy and Diana are singer-Songwriters: Musical awards to-date include: Latin Grammy's and American Music Awards, Los Nuestro, NewYork Music Awards.. The Triplets were ahead of their time; as their music crafted bilingual songs with strong narratives and irresistible melodies in the mid ‘90s, (before Latin pop would change the musical landscape). now they continue were they left off, after a recoding hiatus, as their unique vocal style of power harmonies and their guitar based instrumentation rocks the future of American- Latin Rock. now, back in the spotlight with their April 22nd, 2021 single cover release of "Because". Follow on Spotify and other social media -connects as their fall 2021 release EP “ Sensation Latin” will thrill the senses! 
 Nacieron juntas (Bueno, uno por uno) de Pedro, su papa de humilde familia de Guanajuato, y Jane, mamá de familia aristócrata de Chicago, y así fueron criados de Las Triplets, de dos ricas culturas de donde toman inspiración creativa en sus temas y composiciones. 
 Algunos de los elogios en las que Las Triplets fueron reconocidas incluyen: nominaciones de Los Grammy’s Award y American Music Award in ambos idiomas de inglés y español (Grabación Blood is Thicker Than Water =La Fuerza del Parentesco) y premio de mejores vocales de grupo de la organización más reconocidas del latino América “Lo Nuestro”, que es lo equivalente a Los Grammy’s en Latino América.