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Welcome to Natural Recorders😊 Hello to everyone. Who are Natural Recorders? We are two people. Our main profession is archeology. Same time we are musician.. After completing our trainings, we focused on making art with the sadness of not being able to do our profession. Then, With the influence of our profession and our love of art, we decided to record the unique beauties of nature... On this page you will find relaxing pieces with records from nature. There are many reasons why people tend to listen to sounds from nature when they need to calm down, relax, find peace, and relieve stress... Many natural sounds such as the sounds of rain, snowfall, crackling wood, the sound of fire, the sounds of the ocean wave, and the sounds of the ocean relax you because these are the continuous sounds of a pleasant curtain. Your brain interprets these calming sounds as non-threatening sounds, which helps reduce your fight or flight response. This lowers your stress levels and helps you be more comfortable for sleep or anything you want to focus on. I hope all the sounds you listen and listen to here meet your needs ..🤗🙏🏻 
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 Nature is life, life is beautiful -Natural Recorders Stay healthy ❤️