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True, original Heavy Metal hailing from Strasbourg, France The foundation of Mystery Blue dates back to 1982. Shortly after the band quickly became a household name in the world of Heavy Metal with the release of two successful albums.<br>The band have graced the stage alongside legends such as Motörhead, Def Leppard, Saxon, Vengeance,

H-Bomb and Satan Jokers amongst many others.In 1996, founder Frenzy reformed Mystery Blue with the exceptional vocalist Nathalie Geyer, “Spirit Of Your Song”. In 1998 they recruited Vince Koehler on drums , the hard core of Mystery Blue was born! Opening for bands such as Girlschool, David DeFeis -Virgin Steele, Rock Bitch, Paragon, Rebellion, Wolf, ADX, Nightmare and Destruction, playing at big festivals in Germany, in Holland, in Spain, in Croatia in Paris France .“Metal Slaves”