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The music of UK-based musician and composer, Jude Gwynaire, draws on his many interests and influences to create new and diverse soundscapes that span the genres of Electronica, Ambient, New Age and Rock. As a self-taught musician, working from his own studio at the peripheries of the industry, Jude has been able to pursue his passion for music free from constraint, and indulge in an atmosphere of unbridled creativity. By embracing the Internet as a means of promotion, his maverick approach has enabled him to reach an audience through channels other than mainstream. Jude's website at www.judegwynaire.com contains direct links to his tracks at Spotify - though his music is available on all major music portals such as Amazon, Itunes, Deezer etc. Jude's first novel, Aliens In My Garden, a 12+ children's sci-fi/fantasy novel set in 'The Garden', a micro-universe of magic and wonder, hidden in an ordinary suburban garden, is now available from USA publisher, PRODIGY GOLD BOOKS: https://prodigygoldbooks.com/33%25-off-pre-order-1/ols/products/aliens-in-my-garden-by-jude-gwynaire Aliens In My Garden is also available from Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and most good digital book outlets. It's ideal for adults, too! website: www.judegwynaire.com email: info@judegwynaire.com @judegwynaire @ProdigyGoldBks www.goodreads.com/author/show/15903282.Jude_Gwynaire