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Raised in Simi Valley, California multi-talented artist Austin Collins began developing a passion for music at the age of 12. He would begin recording his music in 2015. He began posting his music to soundcloud. 
During this time, Austin had became very well known around his city and decided it was to time to get his own studio. In January 2016, he would purchase his own studio equipment and begin to record his first solo songs. Collins released his first solo song Playing a few weeks later. He would start releasing many new songs and began posting his music to Youtube. He began to gain fans all over the world from Massachusetts to England. 
Austin Collins has a multiple-talented skill set across his music. He sings, raps and does multiple genres. In 2019, he recorded Sunshine, a travel inspired EDM song. The music video was filmed by him and showcases his travels in the snow. Later that year he would release the summer jam and fan favorite, I Know. The music video, again directed by Collins, brings his fans behind the scenes of his road trip across the Northwestern US. 
Beginning in May 2020, Austin began recording his album. The album entitled “Aura” is set to release this summer.