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Iconoclastic experimental music duo Malibu Barbelith and Midland Scree draw from a wide range of influences both musical - from glitch to ambient, noise, classical and ritual music - and thematic - from virtual reality to eschatology, evolution, transhumanism, chaos magick and the mysteries of love, friendship and desire - to produce arcane soundscapes like no other. Electronic production and organic 'found sounds' intersect and combine to create highly sensory and oneiric sonic textures. 
 Dolosse's first EP, 'Apes and Their Image', was made in epistolary fashion across oceans in the latter half of 2019. Wellington, NZ-based Barbelith and London, UK-based Scree intend 'Apes and Their Image' as part one of a hypersigil to call forth a better world, one free from trauma and suffering.