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loose loose is a future soul collective from middle america. The group combines jazz methods with funk and hip hop grooves, soulful vocal hooks and agile, potent rap lyrics. Their sound is ‘loose’ in terms of what they play, as well as how they play it. The live show weaves effortlessly between a variety of styles, and improvisational energy drives every song. Instrumental solos, freestyle verses, and experimental soundscape breakdowns give each audience a unique and emotive performance. loose loose strives to create compelling musical experiences for modern listeners interested in exploring the spaces beyond existing genres. 
 The band was formed in early 2018 by guitarist Zach Zito, drummer Jacob Somerscales, and bassist Isaac Vandyne. The three had played together supporting other artists for many years and were ready to start pursuing their own sound. While loose loose began as an instrumental jazz fusion project, the group was quickly joined by two talented vocalists, SymonneSPARKS, along with rapper and vocalist, J.artiz. They added a new dimension of powerful vocal and lyrical content to the group’s sound. The outfit wasn't quite finished yet and soon Trumpet player, CJ Maus, and keys player, Justin Harris, joined the group filling out the harmonic dynamism that was loose loose.