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Hello beauty, my name is Zana Zora. My fav #’s are 3 & 27, but the #13 often shows up in my life. My personality traits are so opposite that they balance each other out & maybe that’s part of me being a Libra - if you’re a zodiac savant, lmk. I’m originally from Oakland, CA - if you’ve ever been, then you know I love my views & my food - & am now living out my dreams in NYC. I define my music as “Gypsy Pop” - “pop” being the main genre, “gypsy” because I love incorporating elements from my Arabic & Balkan heritage, as well as other genres such as Latin, RnB, Jazz, & more. My debut EP, The Beauty of Zora, is a play on my first name “Zana” meaning “Beauty” in Arabic & my middle name “Zora” meaning “Dawn” in Serbo-Croatian. Most importantly, it’s a dedication to my Nana Zora, who suffered from schizophrenia. She was brilliant & beautiful &, like many of us, had her mental health struggles. I address some of my own mental health struggles in the EP. The thread that ties my music together is the strength that comes with being vulnerable. It’s important to me that my music brings you comfort, joy, & the free-spirited attitude to showcase your killer dance moves. Lmk your fav songs from my latest projects, This Is Autumn - when you’re falling, For Winter - the storms were calming, Every Spring

- smells like rain, +the latest release, You Are Beautiful - PHZES Remix with PHZES ! Visit my YT channel @zanazora for the latest music videos! Hugs, Z P.S. Message me on IG: @zanazora