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​Currently based in France, Leon Inc. is a recording artist and producer, audio engineer, and DJ. In April 2017, Leon Inc. released his debut album “Insert Disc.” The 11-track album, is a total artwork, merging audio-visual components. The imagining included surrealist cover art of a vinyl pizza cutter and an ambitious microsite called “Leon Resort”, where listeners were able to watch web animations playing in sync with the album’s tracks. Around the release of the record, Leon Inc. supported touring efforts from the likes of VITALIC, Com Truise, and Lorn. ​In 2019, Leon Inc. has announced his sophomore project “Warranty Void If Removed.” The 8-track LP covers a wide swath of unique sounds and textures, revisiting the 1895 Gare Montparnasse derailment in Paris on the cover art. In total it uniquely explores the many facets that make up Leon Inc.’s sound and ultimately sets him apart.