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Iggy T and the Crazymakers is a tight 5-piece ensemble with a big sound that reaches into your hindbrain and purrs hello. It’s Bambi with piercings and an old soul; peach cobbler with a bullet in it. Influenced by the likes of The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Adele, and Al Green, they blend traditional soul elements with a modern, beat-driven groove. in songs that excavate the self and the soul. 
The core of IT&TCs is Sarah Todd and David Franz, out of Ojai, CA. Their particular combination of soul, blues, and rock makes you feel like a plant that’s just been watered…with whisky: sated and saucy, all on a sultry night. 
 With little patience for ersatz world-weariness, Todd’s enthusiasm and insistence on keeping things real, casting the ego aside in service to the sound, and growing in self-discovery is, nowadays, refreshing and unique. Franz, a celebrated musical polymath, owns and operates “Underground Sun,” the label which shot singer Iyeoka to fame. His long experience as a session multi-instrumentalist and producer helps sculpt and refine the shapes of the songs. 
 Their debut LP “Just Can’t Get Enough” has been enthusiastically embraced by the LGBTQ community with the bi-anthem “Cake” leading the charge. Unafraid of getting political, IT&TC’s stand in solidarity with all marginalized communities with songs like “I Don’t Know Your Pain,” “Fire,” and “I’ll Take My Power Back.”