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Ned Moss is a young Singer-Songwriter based in London. His style and influences span a wide range of genres from Country to Blues, Pop to Folk and more. "Growing up in London with a close family and studying at music school has given and helped me so me so much with everything, i think coming from a close family who support you even if they don't agree with you on something is a really special thing to have" 
 Hot Lunch Music Review of 'When Will I See' "A splash of James Taylor here, a dash of John Mayer there, and the mixture you’re left with might remind you Ned Moss. The Londoner singer-songwriter pairs pensive and simplistic yet resonant vocal melodies with a cornucopia of guitar textures to create “When Will I See”- a dimly-lit reflection on self-worth, gratitude for what we have, and contemplating the relativity of struggle and hardship." 
 Todays music industry can be incredibly rewarding but also very difficult as its constantly changing with the 'trend setting' attitude, "I think you have to develop a thick skin to deal with countless rejections, bad reviews, passing comments on what you do, you can have hundreds of kind words but the one that sticks with you is the one thats negative. But you can always learn from the negative comments and take it in your stride so i find it useful taking peoples criticism on board most of the time!". 
 Working with a variety of artists such as Oliviya Nicole and Gabriel in 2019, there are big things to come in 2020.