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Allen and Bright is pure acoustic beauty at its best. Guitarist Lance Allen and violinist/violist Avery Bright met on a recording session in Nashville and immediately hit it off over a love of acoustic music, good coffee, and Benton’s bacon. 
 Apart from each other, they have each built successful music careers; Lance is an established independent recording artist with over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and Avery has built a career as a session musician in Nashville, recording for hundreds of artists including U2, One Republic, Dolly Parton, Josh Groban and many others. The collaboration of Allen & Bright distills Lance’s beautifully precise fingerstyle guitar stylings with Avery’s love of harmony and and bowed strings. The result is a gorgeous palette of familiar songs and timeless sounds that never grow old. 
 Find more of our music, previously released under Lance Allen at this playlist, Allen & Bright.