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The hallmark fusion of Jack Land Noble’s timeless singer-songwriting and Robert Cooper’s majestic arrangements and production create the inimitable, irresistibly captivating sound of The Coalfield Symphony. Their inception in 2018 brought about their debut EP, 'First Collection’, followed in 2019 by ‘Same Old Songs.’ This pair of early releases fulfilled a progression from a true vintage aesthetic to a more pop-influenced musical brand, a journey completed by the release of their debut full-length album, "Virtue & Villainy.” Stylistically, theirs is a retro bouquet, informed and influenced by classic songwriting, all wrapped in fresh, original pop sensibilities and unapologetic theatricality. Expansive, emotive and deeply melodic, their peerless ‘wall of sound’ pop/rock offers a refreshing balance of style and substance, direct from Yorkshire, England.