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Sin Deliverance band from Russia, the city of Komsomolsk on Amur, the band was founded in 2017 and includes 3 members, guitarist and project founder and songwriter Artem Gamov, vocalist Alexey Slivko and drummer Alexander Popov.The band plays in Symphonic Blackened Deathcore style Band combines high-speed blast beats, brutal technical riffs and high-speed solos, with dark melody.

The band's lyrics contain different themes from suicide, hatred of others, expressions of protest, criticism of religion and to the apocalypse and mythical creatures. Their music, despite the speed and brutality, is built very harmonious and melodic, it is easily perceived by the listener, despite the large presence of blastbeats.Among the fans of their work, you can often find people who love bands such as Lorna Shore, Shadow of intent, Aversions crown, etc.