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Utopian sounds from dystopian landscapes - Sonotopia by Ugress. Peaceful, cozily haunted ambiences from lost places and post-apocalyptic landscapes. I actually made this release mostly for myself, to have available anywhere to listen. These tranquil sounds of spaces abandoned by human activity helps me greatly to focus and concentrate when working on text and visuals. For several years I've been travelling Europe and Asia exploring, filming and recording lost places. Not the touristy Instagram places, but the truly forgotten and quiet ones, where I was the only visitor for ages. Back in the studio, I reviewed and prepared the material for various art projects. And then I discovered something strange. When working with this footage, the unreal SOUNDS of these landscapes have a very comforting and soothing, nostalgic tone. It's like... you know having a party, and then the guests leave, and you're exhausted, by happy? The ghosts of guests still lingers. It's the same with these sounds. The landscapes are having their post-party peace. So I made myself a long edit of it for concentration, and uploaded it so I could play it anywhere. PS top secret Spotify bonus trick! I've designed it both as a standalone landscape you can repeat forever, AND as a construction kit to build your own personal version. If you sort the tracks alphabetically, they will rise in energy level from quiet to loud. I've prepared a few examples on the Sonotopia profile page.