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Tommytechno Dj and music producer, passionate beats cut and pisces lover, experimental music is fun, testing and mixing different beats to a fullfilled track. Born i sweden, oldschool dj and new usb dj as well just for fun of it. Playing live session on Instagram weekly basis. love to make new albums, just to get in the flow sens all time and space disappears, and you create magic in your mind, that's when the good songs come out. went from ten years of photography for united press and started tinkering with music, it took a long time before it became something good, however, says Tommytechno, but it turned one day and that way it is, in the music industry without any demands, but still hard producing without rest for the great tommytechno. Big built hard knuckle bold kind guy. Tommytechno produces a mix of flow tracks, techno, dance, pop and house mix, but also psytrance in the mix, love the pumping feeling good rhythm speed, but he says Tryde out some Acid packet and it was fun mad a full album of that , he says sometimes you start to like a genre if you listen enough, thats super weird but so it is with music you never know what you will like.