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“Per grazia di Tenebra, fluido diamante.” This is the prelude to the new mystic and veiled world of MaterDea, a path opening up in the middle of twilights and dawns, myth and legends, radiant grace and the oblivion of darkness. MaterDea is all that: a new and at the same time ancient music that has the power to arouse sleeping souls. A journey that, once you undertake it, suddenly could make you lose the wish to go back to where you started. Such melodies will make you stray and find yourself raised in mid air as if you were made out of mist, floating lightly above the brambles, as the title of their first album suggests. The alchemy spreading out of the instruments is not common: listening to that lunar voice and the peculiar sounds produced by the hands of these strange beings will carry you far away, in a surreal dimension that brings you straight into the Great Mother’s arms. MaterDea was born out of the collaboration between Simon Papa and Marco Strega in 2008. Since the release of their first album they created a band with a strong rock structure perfectly blending with mystical and dreaming atmospheres. Here, the voices, fiddle and keyboards graciously draw melodic lines on the powerful rhythmic session. The perfect synergy between the male and female, stage costumes, instruments, musical atmosphere and vocal weaving help make the show unique and engaging.