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The composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, and dancer called Ayla Nereo is a creature of the forests, living in the woods of northeastern California, where she weaves tapestries of sound and sows seeds of vision. With an uncanny ability to disarm and crack open the heart, Ayla’s music is lyrical poetry splashing across a canvas of sound, as she sings for the depth of our humanness, our return to a pure state of natural innocence, and the protection of our precious wild lands and all creatures of this planet. Though you’d never know it by witnessing her perform, Ayla grew up with an intense fear of singing. Propelled by the songs themselves, Ayla’s journey of meeting those fears and singing through them has grown her into the enchanting performer she is today, touching an ever-widening global audience with the inspiring transmission of her songs and Being.

Her lucid storytelling and magical presence onstage and off creates a force field that is palpable, joyous, welcoming, pure, and utterly authentic.