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Recording Artist, Guitar Player, Songwriter & Producer mixing Rock, Soul, Blues, Metal & Country. Born & Raised in NC, Chris writes all of his own songs & produces all of his music in Nashville preferring Starstruck Studios or Sound Emporium. Chris released his first Album in 1998 dedicated to Rodeo Music

touring major rodeos to support it. Two Rodeo Organizations made it their Official CD. He also released a single covering 'Rub It In' which along with several songs on the main album received heavy radio airplay. Chris continued to write hundreds of songs while also building contacts in Nashville to build a new production team of top musicians & engineers including Chad Carlson (Engineer, Tracking & Mixing), Dug Grieves (Guitar), Steve Hinson (Slide. Steel), Howard Duck (Piano, Organ), Pat McGrath (Acoustic), Glen Duncan (Fiddle, Banjo), Dow Tomlin (Bass) & Wayne Killius (Drums) as well as David Angell, David Davidson & Kristin Wilkinson on Strings. He started recording his second album, A Woman Like You, in 2007 and finished it in 2012. He also tracked his 3rd & 4th albums in December 2013 & December 2014. Chris is also a visual artist & has created thousands of digital paintings he will now be releasing with his music. Chris is also the Founder & Editor of the BusinessMVP Network of over 1,000 publications where he also heavily covers the music industry & top recording artists in all genres.