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If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for exploring my page and getting a little insight on who I am. I don’t like typical bios where it seems so formal and they talk in the third person. I want this to be more of a short, personal introduction to me, Niam. 
 2013 was when I first had the motivation to create music. Saying what I had to say with little to no words at all enticed me. From there I dove into the craft of music production, learning things as I went. 
 My dad was and still is a DJ and when I say that man listened to everything, he did. The cool thing to me was he DJ-ed all around when most music like HipHop, EDM, Rap etc. was underground. Growing up with that kind of influence has helped me a lot with opening my mind to new ideas. It's allowed me to try things I might not have tried otherwise. 
 Throughout my musical journey I have made a great connection with the House of Blues Chicago and have had amazing opportunities with a team there to perform but I have been putting a lot more focus on the music creation itself. Finding my sound was important to me. 
 Today I can confidently say that I've discovered my sound: Future HipHop. One day I was playing around with music like normal and started a house track which ended up turning into a HipHop/Rap track. Ever since, I have been diving more deep into what Future HipHop is. With HipHop being one of my many influences, I thought it would be awesome to revitalize HipHop in a way no one has heard before.