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Desmond Cheese are a Brisbane based duo consisting of Andrew McKinnon and Bob Krolikowski. 
 The pair received recognition following the release of their debut album Fame and Fortune in 2010. Their subsequent albums, Space and Time (2012) and, Peace and Quiet (2015), have gained widespread praise. They have remained relatively reclusive, rarely giving interviews or performing live outside of their hometown Brisbane. 
 The duo's music incorporates elements such as funk, blues, soul and jazz instrumentation, analogue production methods, lo-fi beats, synthesis, experimental effects and eclectic sound samples from nature and pop culture. 
 In 2014 their song Polyfizzal Drizzal was used as the backing track for WILLOW Smith’s song Flowers, released on Roc Nation Records. 
 Their latest album Sunrise and Set (2019) is out now.