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You don’t just hear great musicians, you feel them, and you learn from them, and Danté Lennon is the distillation of a modern artist. Not confined to the norms of a genre laced with artists who have seemingly forgotten how to paint their own pictures, but instead trace the outlines of the same story, Danté is what you would consider a rare find. Introduced to hip-hop culture at a young age, Danté has become the type of artist that can only be described as unexpected. Taking inspiration from every encounter, Danté is the living embodiment of the stories she crafts. Inspired in part by artists such as JAY-Z, Danté borrows the complex rhythm and meter of song and uses internal rhyme and alliteration throughout her raps. Never the loudest one in the room, she’s been able to use her interactions with others to create a canvas that encompasses the average person's everyday trials and tribulations. Her art is meant both to entertain and to instruct. Danté writes very logically and methodically, intending to create music that would appeal to both critical and popular tastes.