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Chop Wood started as a solo project by former Coparck frontman Odilo Girod. His guitarless debut album is a mix of electronic and acoustic songs written mostly at night due to his sleeplessnes and insomnia. A diverse batch of atmospheres sparked with sweet caustic electricity, multi layered vocals and insomniatic lyrics. Debut album A debut album was recorded in Berlin as part of the in a cabin with project. You can download the whole album for free at 2009 Chop Wood played 50 live shows at the travelling festival ‘DE PARADE’, played gigs in Moscow, supported Jamie Lidell and hit venues like the Paradiso and the Melkweg in Amsterdam. 2010 brought a Canadian Tour in May, playing for 10 days at the Dutch OEROL festival and performing in China. 2nd Album: The Golden Lining Things have been expanding and moving while working on the 2nd album the past years. More musicians have joined in for the recordings, Laurens Radstake on guitar and Nana Adjoa on bass. The second album is about how to deal with hard times. Illustrations were made for each of the 11 songs on the album. Each song represents a part of how to cope with these challenging times in terms of the different crises facing human existence. But at the same time the album has a lively and positive side; the lust for life, connecting to one another, and the fun and fury amidst the crisis.The new album has finally been released in june 2020. _ _ _