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Music runs deep in the Reilly Family. Damien first started to play the piano at the age of 3. As Damien says: "As far back as I can remember music has always been a very large part of my life. My mother, Elisabeth is probably my biggest influence with her wide taste in Jazz. My mother is still a crazy jazz aficionado and still actively playing the piano today. My sister, Caitlin is a successful artist in her own right and my brother Gerard, was always the resident family drummer when ever a family jam was happening when we were growing up. With all this music around me it was no wonder that I ended up immersing my life with all things music. This is something that I will be eternally grateful to my family for having the wisdom to make the more artistic things in life important. At the heart of all of this experience I learnt that melody is the heart of every song and the lyrics are the blood that floats through the air that fills the body with the song writers message. Everyone hears a song in their own unique way. As a producer I have been fortunate to have worked with many incredible artists. I am still a big kid at heart and I always get excited with hearing that new song and watching it turn into a hit." You can listen to Damien's production history here on Spotify. We hope you enjoy this great collection of recordings from the past 35 years !