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Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne, Supertramp – all legends & some of the greatest songwriters of our time. Michael grew up living & breathing every chord change & lyric from his musical heroes. It opened up a creative outlet that allowed him to pour his heart & soul onto a piece of paper written in the make shift studio of his family home. Here he taught himself the guitar & piano & in those early years his future career path as a songwriter was moulded. The release of ‘Michael Armstrong’ was a long awaited labour of love, but it was certainly worth it. 12 original songs of quality & beauty, written with intensely sensitive & intelligent aplomb, alongside 2 very special cover versions. From the autobiographical love song to the wireless ‘The Radio Years’, to the tongue-in-cheek country ballad ‘The Innocence Of Men’, from the commuter train chaos of ‘Back To Work’, to the wry look at immigration ‘Johannesburg’, Michael’s unique lyrical wit and honesty lift these memorable tunes onto a level rarely heard before. Co-produced by music maestro Keith Bessey (Elton John, 10cc, Cliff Richard, The Ramones) the album includes guest appearances by many guitar legends including the iconic Grammy Award winning Albert Lee, Elliott Randall (Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers) & Phil Palmer (Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Robbie Williams), plus the amazing backing vocals of The Hollies front man Peter Howarth, among others.