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Kleon is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer and a freak. His music doesn't really fit into any category. His ideas don't obey any rule. His lyrics are mellow but still rub against the world. Musically he grew up in hip hop and electro as well as in blues, or alternative Rock Music. He doesn’t care about musical categories. In his solo project, he plays all instruments himself and also records the songs himself, experimenting with a wide variety of sounds and production techniques. Sounds that do not match stylistically at first glance are layered,

in levels and rhythmically connected. Toy piano meets trip-hop beat, acoustic guitar meets micro-Korg. Everything is handmade, everything from the gut, almost everything recorded with the first take. Often partly experimenting, but also taking the time to perfect a beats until it grooves perfectly – a LoFi sound perfectionist. Kleon Medugorac is an artistic jack of all trades. The musician is also graphic designer, illustrator and artist in almost all audiovisual fields, and works just as free and experimental there as in his music. His artistic work has received multiple awards and is represented in collections of art museums. He is also singer, instrumentalist and producer of the duo Candyass – a band with his partner illustrator Paula Troxler.